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Style Consulting For Your Home.


We’re so excited that you decided to check out Chic Street Shopping-- your ultimate guide to all things stylish for your wardrobe and home. Tailored to your budget and based on your style, we’ll have you feeling empowered while contemplating the perfect pair of jeans or drooling over unique accent pieces for that special room in your home; all while having a style consultant by your side!

Want a completely new wardrobe or looking to restyle what you already own? We genuinely believe there is a transformative power in looking and feeling your best. We also believe your home should be your happy place. Our goal is to help you find the best version of yourself and allow that outlook to translate into every area of your life. From your closet to your home, we want your newly found personal style to radiate.

Here are a few things we always keep in mind:

1. Your Personal Style

2. Budget

3. Needs vs. Wants  

4. Fit  

5. Incorporating your new buys into your current Wardrobe or Space

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Style Consulting For Your Wardrobe.


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