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Meet Your Consultant

Winnie is an entrepreneur with a zest for life! Her intrigue for fashion was sparked as a young dancer captivated by the glamour that came with performing. From tutus for ballet pieces to structured suits for tap routines and the range of stage designs to match, she fell in love. She found that she had a keen eye for lines, colors and construction and it has become a heavy influence in how she interprets style.


She became a style consultant in 2011, working with east coast based photographers, designers, models and brands. Her ability to come in as a one stop shop (styling, hair and Makeup) earned her loyal clients. She works from a creative and collaborative space allowing her clients to have a voice and explore what seemingly “doesn’t work”. Her creative “out of the box” approach lovingly nudges her clients out of their comfort zone. She wants each client to feel empowered and unleashed; ready to take on anything!

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